About CODL


Center for Open and Distance Learning (CODL) which was formally called as Distance Learning Unit – was started in 1991 with the objective of providing higher educational opportunities for candidates. This centre would consist of three divisions such as Registration & Examination, Learning & Resources and Training & Development. CODL would be managed by Board of Management -BOM- which would be resourced by a Director and Three Coordinators.
CODL will work with respective degree offering faculties. Academic programmes are being designed, planned and implemented through Board of Study which consists of academics appointed by respective faculties.

Board of Management would be the executive body of CODL which would consists of Vice Chancellor, UOJSL (Chairman), two council nominees, Deans of Faculties offering external degrees, Director- CEDPL-, Chairman of Board of Studies for which courses are offered via CEDPL, three optional representatives from public, private and NGO, three Coordinators who have no voting rights such as Registration & Examination, Learning & Resources and Training & Development, Ex-officio, Registrar, Bursar and SAR. The Director of CODL is the Secretary for Board of Management of CODL.